About Jennie

Photo by Marc Perlish

I am a Chicago-based professional flutist who thrives in a diversified, entrepreneurial career. I pride myself in being a great collaborator, whether the context is chamber/orchestral performing or fundraising as an executive.


What I love most about being a performer in Chicago is the vast array of concert experiences and the incredible musical partners that comprise each season. You can read about specifics in my bio, but my solo performing over the last season has included everything from my recent solo album Giantess comprised entirely of commercially released premieres to my faculty recital on Traverso (a Wenner Palanca grenadilla baroque flute), and everything in between. Likewise, my ensemble experience has ranged from orchestral work, a recent premiere with Chicago Opera Theater, and of course, my very cherished work with my own chamber ensemble Picosa and more.


I consider teaching to be an incredible privilege, and I am always so grateful for the trust that my students and their families place in me. I love and respect my students, and I love walking alongside them in the phase of their lives when we are working together. Although I sometimes teach advanced high school students, the majority of my teaching is with college students and post-college students of all ages. A particular area of focus for my older students is preparing for graduate school auditions and developing a vision for a unique and impactful professional career. I’ve focused this work into a seminar called “Resounding Art” that has been hosted by the Chicago Flute Club and the National Flute Masterclass Series. As someone who struggled to find a single direction to my musical career, I’ve spent years trying to understand how my multitude of ambitions can fuel my uniquely gratifying career. It’s my joy to share some ideas with others to help them on their journey!


Finally, flutists tend to be natural organizers, and many of my friends and colleagues are the visionaries behind some fantastic organizations. As the creator of the flute intensive Credo Flute, creator and former curator of the concert series New Music Chicago Presents… at the Chicago Cultural Center, and the Artistic and Executive Director of Ear Taxi Festival, I enjoy creating opportunities that shine a light on my fellow musicians. I often hear the complaint that the field of music is lacking in opportunities, to which I think the best response is to create more opportunities to share with others. Every endeavor I pursue has the end goal of serving a larger cause or community. In this way, I find my career to be tremendously fulfilling, and I’m always excited about finding my next project and collaborator.

Please reach out at [email protected] to be in touch. I’d love to hear from you!



Kind Words

The irrepressibly creative flutist and new music advocate celebrates the release of her new album…”

 Howard Reich, Chicago Tribune, November 8, 2019

“The tone Brown draws from her flute is meltingly beautiful—rounded, seamless through all registers, robust. ”

Wynne Delacoma, Chicago Classical Review, November 2019

“As evidenced by this album, Jennie Oh Brown really understands Schwantner’s compositional intent, and her playing reflects the beauty, intensity, rawness, and virtuosity his music requires. She excels in changing characters rapidly, and her beautiful, expressive sound is perfectly suited to Schwantner’s emotional, lyrical, and acrobatic music.”

-Jennifer Slaughter, National Flute Association Flutist Quarterly, Fall 2016