“Flutist Brown conceived this album as a tribute to her grandmothers, who must have been fearless souls, judging by the daring character of the music Brown, pianist Pann and others have recorded here. From Shulamit Ran’s dramatic “Birds of Paradise” to Pann’s profoundly lyrical “Melodies for Robert,” from Augusta Read Thomas’ serene “Please for Peace” to Pann’s epic “Giantess,” the album combines first-rate composition with startlingly strong performances.”

“Oh Brown holds nothing back in this gripping, wondrous, and soulful album. Not only do these pieces serve as a lasting memory of Oh Brown’s grandmothers, but the collection creates a space for listeners to remember those in their own lives whose selflessness, altruism, struggle, and genuine love built the foundation upon which they now stand.”

I care if you listen, Jillian DeGroot

“The tone Brown draws from her flute is meltingly beautiful—rounded, seamless through all registers, robust. And beauty of tone was the focal point of pieces she performed Sunday from her new CD.”

Chicago Classical Review, Winn Delacoma

“The irrepressibly creative flutist and new-music advocate celebrates the release of her new album, “Giantess,” which features music of Shulamit Ran, Carter Pann, Augusta Read Thomas and others. All of which is designed to express “profoundly human, soul-filled stories”

Chicago Tribune, Howard Reich

“There are several gems for flutes and accompanying instruments; covering a wide range, this is a great introduction to some fantastic repertoire.” 

American Record Guide

“The album’s success is evidenced by Brown’s close collaboration with esteemed contemporary composers, the striking musical array, and her personal connection and dedication to the project.” 

Chicago Flute Club Pipeline Magazine, Laura Clapper

“Giantess still signed by Carter Pann, there is a sort of challenge between the mighty chord passages of the piano and the rhapsodic peregrinations of the flute; a duel in which, once more, the extraordinary performers emerge from the winners, called to explore a variety of timbres and registers with apparent, and admirable, ease.”

(translated from Italian) Kathodik, Filippo Focosi

[Vox] “…is an album of music that plays with the emotions and offers reflection and contemplation, where the superb talents of the musicians are almost forgotten in the sheer beauty of the music.”

Art and Culture Maven, Anya Wassenberg

And so ends a program literally brimming over with meaningful music. The Crumb work revels in benchmark poignancy; the three accompanying works stand out as worthwhile and worthy counterparts in this high-watermark program. The Heare Ensemble triumphs. The music wins the day from beginning to end. Hear this, by all means. It reminds us how central Crumb remains in our time, and happily how his legacy is very alive.”

Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review, Gregory Applegate

“The performances are flawless, and the recording quality excellent; Vox Balaenae is a timeless masterpiece.”

The Whole Note, Andrew Timar

” The quality of execution and interpretation by the Heare Ensemble is truly remarkable and gives a special and intense touch to all the compositions.”

(translated from Italian) Kathodik, Luciano Feliciani

“…a primal wildness establishes itself early in the vocalizations that accompany Brown’s flute phrases in “Vocalise (…for the beginning of time)… Listening to Vox Balaenae in 2020, one can’t help but regard Crumb as prescient for anticipating environmentally related works by figures such as John Luther Adams and Ingram Marshall.” 


“As evidenced by this album, Jennie Oh Brown really understands Schwantner’s compositional intent, and her playing reflects the beauty, intensity, rawness, and virtuosity his music requires. She excels in changing characters rapidly, and her beautiful, expressive sound is perfectly suited to Schwantner’s emotional, lyrical, and acrobatic music.”

Jennifer Slaughter, National Flute Association, Flutists Quarterly, Fall 2016

“Superlative performances…”  

Christian Carey, Sequenza 21, 2015

Honorable Mention, Best Classical Music Recordings of 2015

George Grella, The Big City Blog, 2016

“Brown plays Schwantner with firm technique and clear soaring sound. She understands the music and plays with conviction and joy!”

Barbara Siesel, The Flute View, 2015

“[C]ontemporary pieces ranging from melodic, ethereal to forceful. All interesting!”

WRUV, Burlington, VT, 2015

“In Looking Back, for flute and piano, the outer movements affect a rhythmic pulse, constant and gradually changing, which brings a dynamism that does not obscure, but rather is combined with catchy melodies, subtly tinged with melancholy, intertwined with balanced and pungent interplay of the two musicians. In the slow middle movement the flutist sings with an even voice, a mournful and virtuosic singing.”

translated from Italian) Filippo Focosi, Kathodik, 2015

“Brown, the flute professor at Elmhurst College, is to be applauded for assembling these musicians to beautifully perform the works of Schwantner.  If you are looking for new repertoire, this CD offers several excellent choices.”  

Patricia George, Flute Talk, 2016

“The musicians care about the music, and they put a lot of energy and expression into it.”

Stephen Estep, American Record Guide, 2016