Four upcoming projects:

I will be recording two solo and two chamber music albums in coming years:

  • A transcription of the J.S. Bach Cello suites with sound engineer Daniel Nichols.
  • A collection of solo flute works, some with piano, commemorating the lives of two heroic women, my grandmothers.  The album will center around the theme of strength and the creativity of women.  Repertoire will include Carter Pann’s Giantess, Melodies for Robert, and Double Espresso, Valerie Coleman’s Wish Sonatine, Augusta Read Thomas’ Plea for Peace, and Shulamit Ran’s Birds of Paradise.
  • Picosa will be recording an album of signature repertoire for the ensemble
  • The Heare Ensemble (Jennifer Blyth, piano, and Kurt Fowler, cello) is recording George Crumb’s Vox Balanae (Voice of the Whale), which the ensemble has performed together over regularly over the last 30 years and other signature works for the ensemble, including Carter Pann’s Melodies for Robert.