The Heare Ensemble Debut Album: Vox

Founded in 1996, The Heare Ensemble (Jennifer Blyth, piano, Kurt Fowler, cello) is committed to developing and performing repertoire for flute, cello, and piano in concert venues and academic institutions around the country.  Central to the ensemble’s vision is its collaborations with composers, most recently including Robert Pound, Narong Prangcharoen, Marc Mellits, and most notably Carter Pann.  The ensemble was recently engaged as Ensemble-in-Residence at Indiana State University’s Contemporary Music Festival and performed recently at Constellation Chicago.

The ensemble released VOX, its debut album, with Innova Recordings featuring its centerpiece George Crumb’s Vox Balanae, a signature piece for the ensemble, with Grammy Award winning sound engineer Dan Nichols.  Additional works on the album include Narong Prangcharoen’s Bencharong, Carter Pann’s Melodies for Robert, and Stacy Garrop’s Silver Dagger.  Melodies for Robert was commissioned by SDG Music Foundation and Silver Dagger was adapted for the ensemble from the original piano trio instrumentation.

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