Next Solo Album

March 6, 2018

The experience of creating the album “Looking Back: Flute Music by Joseph Schwantner” was such a thrill, that I was eager to move on to my next project.

My two grandmothers were always an inspiration to me.  Both raised children as single mothers for a period of their lives during a time in Korean history when the country was ravaged by war and poverty.  Both women endured physical hardships, one battling cancer for decades, the other enduring life as a centenarian living to 112 years of age.  I think of them as warriors in their own ways, even though they were both incredibly loving to my generation of grandchildren.

My album is still very much in the idea phase, but included in this project will likely be works by three friends and incredible composers:

  • A recording together with Carter Pann (a fellow Eastmanite and 2016 Pulitzer Prize finalist) of his new work for flute and piano Giantess.
  • Additionally, I have fallen in love with Valerie Coleman’s Wish Sonatine, based on a beautiful poem depicting the “middle passage” when Africans were trafficked across the Atlantic to be sold into slavery.
  • Finally, Euterpe’s Caprice by visionary composer Augusta Read Thomas is a modern masterpiece in miniature.  It’s pointillistic lines and quick turns of phrase make it a charming addition to these epic works.

I’m really excited about the prospect of assembling these works, all unique, and all new.  I’ll keep this page updated as the album comes together!