I was beyond thrilled to discover that highly respected music critic Howard Reich included Giantss among his Top Ten Classical Recordings of 2019!

To be included in a list among such stellar artists is beyond my imagination, but what I’m especially grateful for is that Howard truly heard what all of us, composers and musicians alike, were trying to communicate — it’s courage, it’s fearlessness, it’s resilience. I’m so grateful… words cannot even express!

On November 10th, Constellation Chicago’s Frequency Series presented my album release concert for my commercially released album Giantess.  Constellation Chicago is the premiere venue for new music in Chicago, and in fact it is the only venue in town that presents exclusively contemporary music.  I especially love the casual feel of the concert experience at Constellatiuon Chicago with the audience wrapped around the stage.  It feels almost like a larger version of playing for friends in my living room, complete with a glass of wine for guests at the end.  I was thrilled to have friends and family join me for this late night concert and to be able to share this music that I love so much with everyone.

I was especially grateful to the Illinois Arts Council who supported the concert and to respected arts writer Wynne Delacoma who wrote this wonderful review of the concert.  I was so thrilled to see the individual pieces written about with such eloquence.  Chicago musicians have always appreciated the musical expertise of Wynne’s writing.

Here’s a snapshot of the evening as captured by the wonderful Forestt Strong Lafave.  I’d love for you to check out the album Giantess now available on all streaming platforms and sellers everywhere!  (Innova 043)

Performing Misook Kim’s Amazing Grace and Valerie Coleman’s Wish Sonatine with my esteemed Wheaton College colleague Daniel Paul Horn.

Performing Carter Pann’s Melodies for Robert with Paula Kosower, cello, and Jennifer Blyth, piano.  Lush, free, and beautiful playing and writing.

Performing Shulamit Ran’s Birds of Paradise and Carter Pann’s Giantess and Double Espresso with Kuang-Hao Huang, three tons of piano playing for my wonderful partner.


Below, performing Augusta Read Thomas’ Plea for Peace with string quartet: Elizabeth Brausa Brathwaite, Kate Carter, Dominic Johnson, and Paula Kosower.  Such gorgeous playing that brought the profoundly expressive yet transparent quality of this piece to the stage.

Carter Pann talks about working together in an impromptu chat with the audience.  I am certain that I will forever consider this to be one of my most meaningful and fun professional projects.

Launching into Double Espresso… and thinking about that high E I’ll hit at the end!

The second concert of our series “New Music Chicago Presents” was a fabulous showcase of the music of composer Marc Mellits.  As the first recipient of the Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events Artspace Program Grant, the series is held each month on the THIRD THURSDAY at noon in the Chicago Cultural Center’s beautiful Claudia Cassidy Theater.  “New Music Chicago Presents” features New Music Chicago members performing music written since 2000 by living composers.

Marc’s program included:

Max for Violin & Piano (2013)
Agu for solo piano (2004)
String Quartet No. 4: Prometheus, movement VII – allegro groove” (2011)
Farfalle Cotte for 2 violins (2006)
Mara’s Lullaby for Violin & Piano (2005/09)
Titan for Bass Clarinet & String Quartet (2018) – CHICAGO PREMIERE



Department of Cultural Affairs and Special Events giving a warm welcome to “New Music Chicago Presents…” audience and New Music Chicago members.

Introducing the concert…

Artists on stage: Cristina Buciu, Elizabeth Brausa-Brathwaite, Aurelian Pederzoli, Nicholas Carlson, Victor Sotelo, composer Marc Mellits, Marie Alatalo, Jennifer Blyth.


The Chicago Premiere of TITAN for Bass Clarinet and String Quartet.

I could not be more thrilled that Howard Reich, Music Critic of the Chicago Tribune, chose to feature New Music Chicago Presents…  the concert series that I developed and curate.

Join us every THIRD THURSDAY at NOON each month for contemporary music written since 2000 by living composers!  Every concert is free and held in Claudia Cassidy Theater at the Chicago Cultural Center – 78 E Washington.  I would love to see you there!


Picosa performed for Live from WFMT with Kerry Frumkin last night with an illustrious audience of guests.  It was a wonderful broadcast filled with interesting conversations.  If you’d like to listen, feel free to click here.


Debussy – Prelude to the Afternoon of a Faun, transcribed by Jonathon Kirk

Turina – Cìrculo Trio, Op 91

Ran – Mirage

Haydn – London Trio No. 1 in C Major

Copland – Appalachian Spring, transcribed by Jonathon Kirk


Andrea DiOrio, clarinets

Elizabeth Brausa Brathwaite, violin

Kurt Fowler, cello

Kuang-Hao Huang, piano

Jonathon Kirk, Composer-in-Residence

Kasia Johnson, Executive Board President

and myself!

April and May were unusual months for me on the publishing front!  In April, I enjoyed being interviewed by Julie Marcotte, editor of Pipeline Magazine and local professional, to talk about the juggling act that so many of us share who manage both families and careers.  It was fun to speak openly about the fun and struggles of these two aspects of my life that are so precious to me.

In the May issue of Flute Talk Magazine, editor Patricia George asked me to contribute a “Meet the Pro” column on any topic of my choosing.  So, I chose something that I thought might be useful to a broad segment of our flutist population: performance anxiety.  I hope that readers found it useful!

If you are not already a member of the Chicago Flute Club and/or a subscriber to Flute Talk Magazine, I highly recommend both!  I learn so much every time I read a Pipeline or a Flute Talk Magazine, and the communities of flutists who contribute to both of these periodicals and the Chicago Flute Club are dedicated accomplished professionals.  Check them out!