The most gratifying time spent in my career comes in the hours I spend each day with the rising generation of young musicians. My teaching ranges from my music career coaching I call Resounding Art, private lessons with dedicated high school flutists, and my collegiate studio at Wheaton College Conservatory of Music and formerly at Elmhurst University. Additionally, Credo Flute is my summer flute intensive for all ages that takes place at Elmhurst University during the last week in July each summer. This is a seminar that I developed and launched, and can be found here with my other projects. My students now have lives that span a vast range of careers and continents – I really couldn’t be more amazed and happy for them all.

I had Dr Jennie Oh Brown as a flute professor during my time at Elmhurst University. I studied with her for my Bachelors in Music Performance. I will never be able to do justice describing how wonderful she has been to me during and after graduating…. but I will try. Never have I had a professor treat me with as much respect as Dr Brown has, she never treated me as less than. That gave me the confidence to go for whatever I wanted, auditions and job opportunities alike. She taught me not only how to better myself at the flute, but how to behave in a professional setting and how to market myself in the professional music field. I have learned that those skills are not always taught and are oh so important. I will be forever grateful to Dr. Brown for learning the skills I have now, and owe my career in teaching to her. Thank you 💜” Marissa Webb