An International Review for the Schwantner Album

Many thanks to Filippo Focosi for this wonderful review!

Google Translate from Italian: The flutist Oh Jennie Brown is the star, in different configurations, this CD Innova dedicated to chamber works of American composer Joseph Schwantner, author best known for his orchestral compositions, which also earned him a Pulitzer Prize in 1979, but here shows a remarkable affinity with the technical and expressive possibilities of this tool. In Looking Back, for flute and piano, the outer movements affecting the rhythmic pulse constant and gradually changing, which brings a dynamism that does not obscure, but rather is combined with catchy melodies, subtly tinged with melancholy, intertwined with balanced and pungent interplay of the two musicians. In the slow middle movement the flutist sings, even voice, a mournful and virtuosic singing. For the same training are the two short pieces, each of the other lively ancestry twelve-tone, which serve as interludes than the other highlight of the collection, Silver Halo for four flutes. What strikes here is the intertwining polyphonic both macro- to micro-level, pointing in the latter case the ramifications texturali already experienced by Ligeti. The energy barely restrained in the first two movements, which in its perfect interlocking rhythmic Steve Reich recalls the eighties, is released fully in the third movement, concluding the trail listening with contagious optimism.

Filippo Focosi