For GRAMMY® Consideration

For Grammy ConsiderationFor GRAMMY® Consideration:

Graciously inviting voting members of

the Recording Academy to check out

Giantess and Vox.

Innova Recordings submitted my album Giantess for GRAMMY® consideration  in the categories of Best Classical Compendium for Giantess, Best Contemporary Classical Composition for Shulamit Ran’s Birds of Paradise, and Best Chamber Music and Small Ensemble for Vox. Please listen to the albums here and read more about the albums here.


These projects are my heart, and it’s been my joy to share these with the world. If you have a moment to listen, I’d appreciate it greatly. You can find them on my website ([email protected]) or on Spotify, Amazon, and most other platforms. Giantess is comprised entirely of commercial release premieres of works by Carter Pann, Shulamit Ran, Valerie Coleman, Augusta Read Thomas, and Misook Kim. The theme of the album is centered on the universality of suffering, courage, and resilience, and dedicated to my late grandmothers, who exemplified these strengths all the days of their lives. Birds of Paradise is a work that embodies this theme, and I was especially fortunate to instigate the commission. Vox celebrated the 90th birthday of George Crumb with this recording of Vox Balaenae and connected works by Stacy Garrop, Carter Pann, and Narong Prangcharoen.

Good words about the album

“Flutist Brown conceived this album as a tribute to her grandmothers, who must have been fearless souls, judging by the daring character of the music Brown, pianist Pann and others have recorded here. From Shulamit Ran’s dramatic “Birds of Paradise” to Pann’s profoundly lyrical “Melodies for Robert,” from Augusta Read Thomas’ serene “Plea for Peace” to Pann’s epic “Giantess,” the album combines first-rate composition with startlingly strong performances.” Chicago Tribune, Best Classical Albums of 2019, by Howard Reich
[Vox] “…is an album of music that plays with the emotions and offers reflection and contemplation, where the superb talents of the musicians are almost forgotten in the sheer beauty of the music.” Art and Culture Maven, Anya Wassenberg
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