My Fall Newsletter

My Fall Newsletter was just sent out this morning, and I’d love for you to see it. It’s a little bit of my heart as we all endure our current times, but most importantly I’d love for you to see the the beautiful new logo created by the fabulous artists of Studio Ibid, Ana María Bermúdez
and Milo Hopkins.
This is one of several “pandemic projects” that’s been in process over the past month or so, and I’m so deeply grateful to these wonderful friends for their thoughtful and committed work.

My new logo – Studio Ibid Design

The logo is an artistic rendering of a 도장 (“Dojang”), a small Korean carved stamp used as a signature. I remember seeing my grandparents’ 도장 lying around their house when I would visit, and I even had one made for myself when I visited Korea years ago (which I promptly lost, oops, and have missed ever since.)

The inspiration

The logo obviously bears my initials J.O.B., but I also see other meaning in those letters… I think of the word “job” and my love of my career and process as I prepare for each concert, work with each student, or other endeavor. I even think of my time studying at the Interlochen Arts Academy as a high school student, an incredibly formative time in my artistic life. We studied the Book of Job in Howard Hintze’s World Literature class, to this day one of the most influential classes I’ve taken (along with an Ecology class with Michael Chamberlain). This was my first in depth study of a book of the bible, and as many folks know, my faith is a huge part of my life.
All this to say, I’m so profoundly grateful for Studio Ibid and will happily shine a light on all they do whenever I can. Look for more from Studio Ibid as we begin planning to launch Ear Taxi Festival 2021! ❤